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Animals Facing Extinction In 2010

by Megzuson Life, NatureMarch 8thhas no comments yet! »
In 2004 there was a determination that over fifteen thousand species of plants and animals on the planet were facing extinction. The reasons for this are varied, but the primary factor has become humanity’s reckless destruction of their local habitats and the global eco sphere. Read more »

Vuze brings HD video streaming to Xbox 360 & PS3

by Megzuson Design, TechnologyFebruary 10thhas no comments yet! »
Vuze got a big update today. Version 4.2 of the torrent client/online video portal service now allows live video streaming to game consoles Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The software acts as a media server and can directly transfer High Def content (music vids, the latest movie trailers and television episodes) Read more »

A Sneak peek into Adobe Photoshop CS5

by Megzuson Design, Life, SportsFebruary 3rdhas no comments yet! »
The video shows a selection of features that are being developed by ‘Photoshop Labs’, including Painter-style brushes, a new warp tool and more. Read more »

List of Quad Core Laptops – Top 10

by Megzuson Design, TechnologyJanuary 10thhas no comments yet! »
Also read about: Core i7 laptops. A quad-core processor is the best and the fastest processor currently available. Even considering the rate of evolution of the computer industry, it remains certain that the quad-core is here to stay for at least the three or four years. Read more »

A Selection of 12 Web Browsers for you to get for Free

by Megzuson Design, Life, TechnologyJanuary 8thhas no comments yet! »
To all the internet users out there, I urge you to not just be tied down to using 1 web browser, such as internet explorer. There are many web browsers that you can use but I have listed 12 of the main web browsers below with a short description of each. Read more »

Apple Mac Style Dock on a Windows Computer – How To

by Megzuson Design, TechnologyJanuary 8thhas no comments yet! »
One of the best features in Windows 7 is its revamped taskbar and its program-pinning. Combining the utility of customization, big and legible icons, and stylish preview windows, it radically changes the Windows interface.
Read more »

Report: Toyota Developing Mid-Engined Hybrid Sports Car

by Megzuson Cars, Design, Life, TechnologyJanuary 8thhas no comments yet! »
Honda caused a bit of a stir when they unveiled the sharp-looking CR-Z hybrid sports coupe last year. The CR-Z--at least in concept form--looks like a genuine eco-friendly sports car. Read more »

Laptops with Dedicated Graphics Cards

by Megzuson Design, TechnologyJanuary 6th2 comments »
Dear All People here is a list of Laptops with Dedicated Graphics Cards ! . They are all 512mb and above. I made the list of laptops with larger screens. To Note: Most laptops with dedicated graphics cards also have about 1gb of shared graphics. Most of these laptops have windows 7, 64 bit os. I made this list just before Christmas 2009 Read more »