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Twitter vs Facebook vs Google+ (Features Comparison)

by Megzuson Cell Phones, Design, TechnologyNovember 3rd1 comment already! »
Google+ is the hottest topic on the Internet since last few weeks. Google+ is being compared with all previous popular social networking sites. Just few days before I posted the features comparison of the Facebook and Google+. And now, there is a new social media infographic which compares the Twitter, Facebook andGoogle+ together. Read more »

Electric Tron Lightcycle Is Street-Legal & Amazing VIDEO & Pics

by Megzuson Cars, TechnologySeptember 22nd2 comments »
There’s no denying it: every Tron fan pictured himself on one of those amazingly designed, super-fast bikes from the movie. Parker Brothers Choppers turned that dream into reality a year ago, when they created the first Tron Lightcycle, but now they’ve taken it a step further and turned the gas-guzzling beast into an electric bike. Read more »

Audi releases images of electric A2 car ahead of Frankfurt Motor show

by Megzuson Cars, Design, TechnologySeptember 8th2 comments »
Audi releases images of electric A2 car ahead of Frankfurt Motor show Pure electric concept, to be revealed in full at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this month, could bring premium electric fight to BMW Audi has released sketches of the A2 pure electric concept that will appear at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show on September 13. Read more »

Six Steps to Successful Selling

by Megzuson BusinessJuly 30th1 comment already! »
You’ve worked on your elevator pitch, you have a polished website, and a handful of happy clients. You know how to generate new business, but something seems to be holding you back. Here are six very simple ‘small thing’ tips that can often make you leap from average to excellent in your prospects eyes. Read more »

A Sovereign-Debt-Default Survival Kit: The Four Countries That Will Keep Their AAA Ratings

by Megzuson Business, FinanceJuly 25th1 comment already! »
Stories about debt downgrades and sovereign-debt defaults are dominating the headlines. And it's no longer just Europe that we have to be worried about. On Friday, Standard and Poor's warned that there was a 50-50 chance that the United States would lose its AAA debt rating in the next 90 days Read more »

Software Development examples of mine. Code & download link included

by Megzuson Design, Life, TechnologyJuly 9thhas no comments yet! »
I have made some mini Apps in programming languages such as Microsoft's C# & Visual Basic (VB). What lead me to experiment and implement software development Read more »

SEO Tips – How to Get Your Website To The Top Of Google and The Web!

by Megzuson Business, Design, TechnologyJune 22ndhas no comments yet! »
I made this article as I have had success in getting some websites to the top of the search engines and even getting them 8 site links, etc.. Read more »

What is TwitPic? – A Photo Sharing Twitter Site

by Megzuson Design, TechnologyJune 6thhas no comments yet! »

Definition of TwitPic

TwitPic is a site that lets you to share photos on Twitter.

How do I use TwitPic?

You can post pictures to TwitPic from your phone, our API, or through the site itself. Read more »

Finance, Stocks, Shares & ISA glossary – A-Z Definitions – explained

by Megzuson Business, FinanceMarch 30thhas no comments yet! »
A Active management When a fund manager makes proactive investment decisions to help maximise investment returns. Read more »

India’s tiger numbers increase for first time in a decade, says census

by Megzuson Life, NatureMarch 28thhas no comments yet! »
Official count, which puts wild population at 1,550, may prove controversial owing to its inclusion of Sunderbans area. The number of tigers in India has risen for the first time in a decade, according to a new official census published in Delhi.
Read more »

Brazil Economy & Investment Latest News – 56 Stories here – BRIC Superpower

by Megzuson Business, Finance, LifeMarch 14thhas no comments yet! »
Brazil has just become the 5th largest economy in the World (over taking Britain & France). Brazil is part of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India & China) which are the next up and coming economies. Read more »