Audi releases images of electric A2 car ahead of Frankfurt Motor show

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Audi releases images of electric A2 car ahead of Frankfurt Motor show

Pure electric concept, to be revealed in full at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this month, could bring premium electric fight to BMW

Audi has released sketches of the A2 pure electric concept that will appear at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show on September 13.

As well as teasing us with what the conventional A2 will look like when it goes on sale in 2013, the concept is a timely reminder that Audi is committed to developing electric vehicles. And the rumour is that there will be an extended-range version of the A2, with a powertrain very similar to the A1 e-tron concept.

Dimensionally, the concept is about the same size as a Toyota Yaris. Interestingly, the cabin has a flat floor, which would help with mounting the battery low down and centrally in the chassis, as with the Nissan LEAF.

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Audi A2 - Electric Concept Car - Front Image

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Audi A2 - Electric Concept Car - Front Image

The A2 concept is packed with attention-getting concept car flourishes, too. It features what Audi calls the next phase in LED technology – ‘matrix beam’. Sounds a bit Hollywood, but it’s actually a set of LEDs designed to give high-resolution non-glaring light beams. There are also ‘intelligent tail lights’ that adapt their illumination to suit visibility at any one moment. And the rear foglight projects a red triangle onto the road, which sounds very cool.

The light show continues with illumination that runs along the side of the car from front to rear. When the car is underway, this then acts as an extremely long side marker and when the driver signals, light pulses along the length of it. This should put and end to fender-bender ‘I didn’t see you signal’ arguments.

And when you brake, a red bar of light flows forward from the taillights to demonstrate just how hard you’re braking to other road users. That does sound entertaining, but exactly what use that will be to passing pedestrians and motorists remains to be seen – the driver that really needs that information is the one who can’t see it, the one behind. Still, it’s a bit of concept car fun.

A similarly creative approach goes on inside, with a ‘dynamic’ light treatment for the dashboard. Interesting materials abound such as recycled ribbed polyester for the floor and the doors are covered polyurethane with a neoprene feel. The four seats are designed to look as though they are floating – the rear two seats will take a city bicycle in between if the front wheel is removed.

Audi UK has released very little technical detail of the A2 concept, promising us more around the middle of next week. We’ll update you then.

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