A Selection of 12 Web Browsers for you to get for Free

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To all the internet users out there, I urge you to not just be tied down to using 1 web browser, such as internet explorer. There are many web browsers that you can use but I have listed 12 of the main web browsers below with a short description of each.

The main reasons for using different browsers are;

So here we go. Consider having a few web browsers and Firefox is a must, as there are so many plugins to  allow you to do anything you want (such as login to two facebook accounts in one browers simultaneously, etc)


Your online security is Firefox’s top priority. Firefox is free, and made to help you get the most out of the web. Firefox also make the Powerful Nokia N900’s Web Browser Read More


Opera Web Browser Logo

The powerful and easy-to-use Web browser. Try the only browser with Opera Turbo technology, and speed up your Internet connection. Opera Web Browser’s are found in most mobile phones (since day 1) Read More


Safari for Windows from Apple, the world’s most innovative browser. This is Apples famous web browser. It also work on windows and is the default browser in the Apple iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch. Read more here

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is the world’s most widely used browser, designed by Microsoft with you in mind. Intnernet Explorer is the default browser in Windows Mobile Phones. Read More

The other 8 Browsers will be uploaded soon when I get more time..

I was compelled to make this Site/Blog as Microsoft made such a poor information page about the 12 Browsers here after having 10 years to make the site. This is Microsoft’s take on the 12 browsers –  http://www.browserchoice.eu/BrowserChoice/browserchoice_en.htm

Sources –

First image of 5 browser icon/logos at the top is taken from – http://abduzeedo.com/

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