Megzus Productions are specialists in making and consulting clients on Websites.

The type of sites that we can make for you would have the following features;
Look & Feel
  • A Nice Clean looking interface + Menu of the type and design you require
    • A site of the most modern and complex design but will look very simple to your viewers
      • All styles can be made such as Business, Designer, Funky, Modern, Custom, TV, News etc
  • The site is viewable on all browsers and all operating systems, etc.
    • No special software is required for the end users, its ready to be viewed on computers and phones globally
  • Works with all types of media seamlessly (including animations, flash banners, etc.. )
  • The site is ready to launch and use, as it comes with a good Contact Form (that can be extended)  Example
Usability & Editing
  • A very easy to edit site, you can edit it from any web browser, any where in the world, no software needed.
    • You can even edit it offline or on your cell phone *
    • You can add new menus, drop downs, pages, images, videos, embed media from other sites and much more easily and instantly
    • No web design experience is required
  • Add and remove users who can modify, update and add content
    • You can set different content for different users/staff
  • Allows you to make different styles of Pages with the click of a button, i.e. Full Width, 2 Column, Multi Columns (i.e. 1 column, then 3 column)
  • A fully functioning Contact Form which can have features to allow attachments, and CatchPhrase verification to prevent spammers Example
  • This is all done using a state of the art CMS
Easy use of Media (pics, videos, music, etc)
  • Good easy to use/maintain <drag and drop> Picture Gallery Example
    • There is also a nice video embed option included
  • Other Media , such as Videos, pictures and images can easily be embedded into your site from other websites or your own files
    • (very easy to do, simply browse the file or paste the URL)
  • Plugin capability so that you can always add new elements to your site
  • Widgets and Addons to add more functions and make your site have more powerful features
  • Can easily be modified, changed and migrated to a different look (making future migrations if ever needed a smaller process)
    • Keep the same exact content but change the interface
    • Change the colour theme, buttons, but keep all the same content, and functions
    • This is because its coded in the most efficient way using CSS style sheets
Compatibility with Social Media & Search Engines
  • Tags can be added to some content with ease, bringing the search results up,  Example
  • Always stays up to date with the newest features web and media technologies available and works smoothly with them
  • Allows you to tap into and use social media to your advantage making your site more popular and recognisable
Lots more features included, the main thing being;
  • That the site looks good, modern, bright, attractive
  • Is easy to use for both the user and editor, it can be updated and changed instantly, headache free
  • Follows all the rules of web design, such as
    • Minimum scrolling for the user, minimum confusion, maximum integration with pictures, videos, media. Compatible with social media , etc , Example
Megzus Productions can also evaluate your current  Website & Online Strategy
  • Having experience in the creation of old and new style website technologies we are able to give you top advice and consultancy on your Web, Internet and Marketing strategies

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