Geneva Motor Show: Toyota NS4, FCV-R and diji concepts

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Toyota’s penchant for the madcap concept is never better demonstrated than at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, with the NS4, FCV-R and diji concepts all joining the FT-Bh hybrid on its (quite large) display.

First the NS4 (below), which Toyota calls a “next-generation plug-in hybrid concept, designed to address customer demand for added value from hybrid motoring.” That statement sort of fogs up the purpose of all the other Toyota plug-in hybrids, but whatever. It looks pretty.

The FCV-R (below) is a hydrogen-powered concept, which “paves the way for the launch of a saloon-type fuel cell vehicle by 2012.” Something to look forward to, there then.

And then there’s the diji, which is insane (and not capitalised, before you say anything). It used to be called the Fun-Vii, but has had a name change because…we don’t know.

This is its European debut. Its party trick is a body made of LCD, so a USB stick can be plugged into it and the body changed to display anything at all. A picture of the Ferrari or something (rude).

Click right…here…for all the stuff that’s happened at the Geneva Motor Show over the last couple of days. (Or perhaps years ago, if you’ve hit this at some point in the distant future. The internet throws *nothing* away.)

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