What is TwitPic? – A Photo Sharing Twitter Site

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What does it cost to use the application?

Twitter is a free service, so it would seem a bit silly to have to pay for TwitPic. The application may allow users to upload photos or videos quickly to their Twitter account, but it would require more substance to justify a subscription fee or set up cost. The application is available to anyone with a Twitter account for free. The user only has to log in using their Twitter information to access all TwitPic features.
Who would you recommend the application to?

TwitPic is an application intended only for users who have a Twitter account (or who are going to create a Twitter account first). Those who do not have a Twitter account will get no use out of the application, other than browsing some of the member photographs or videos presented on the website.

TwitPic Features

  • Login through an existing Twitter account
  • Upload photos or videos from a mobile device using TwitPic
  • Submit media files form the TwitPic homepage
  • Use the TwitPic API for additional uploading options
  • Browse user profiles to check out all of their uploads

TwitPic Website – Link Here
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