PSX4Droid PlayStation emulator hits Android phones

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Owners of ‘high end’ Android phones can get a dose of old-school PlayStation action thanks to new emulator PSX4Droid, which has just arrived on the Android market. Providing they have a fairly liberal attitude to intellectual property law.

Unlike the more restrictive Apple App Store, Android phones have a number of emulators available on the Android Market, such as SNESoid and C64 emulator Frodo. A PlayStation emulator has been many a ‘droid user’s holy grail and there have been rumours circulating that ZodTTD and yongzh – two coders responsible for Dr Pocket SNES and SNESoid  respectively – have been working on one.

Well, it’s real and it has just been released. PSX4Droid can play most PlayStation ROMS and is reportedly pretty smooth on all but a few titles. Sound quality is variable, but key titles like Final Fantasy VII and Wip3out have been confirmed as working.


There is a slight elephant in the room – you need to own both ROM files and a PlayStation BIOS file. While ROMs could be easily made from original disks, that BIOS file is something you are probably only going to get from the more dodgy corners of the interwebs. The legality of playing PlayStation games on your phone is somewhat controversial.

Assuming you own the originals, and can play with a relatively clear conscience, you should be aware that the emulator is intended for higher-end Android phones like the Nexus One and Samsung Galaxy S. There is no free ‘Lite’ version available to test if your phone can cope, so this may be a leap of faith for many users.

Available now | $5.99 | Android Market (via Engadget)

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