Report: Toyota Developing Mid-Engined Hybrid Sports Car

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Honda caused a bit of a stir when they unveiled the sharp-looking CR-Z hybrid sports coupe last year. The CR-Z–at least in concept form–looks like a genuine eco-friendly sports car.

It will probably ring in at a reasonable price point, and could act as a spiritual successor to both the much-loved Honda CRX Si and the fuel miser CRX HF. Now Toyota is thinking of doing the same thing–but by reviving its mid-engined MR2 icon. Carscoop reports that Toyota may bring the MR2 back as a hybrid called the MR-S, and would employ a custom version of the Toyota Prius’ hybrid powertrain.


Interestingly, the MR2 would retain its mid-engine, rear-drive layout, according to the report. That puts it at odds with just about everything short of the all-electric Tesla Roadster. A rendering from Japan’s Best Car mag above shows what the MR-S could look like, though there’s no word on where that mag drew its information from in order to generate the rendering.

Source article from Car GoodCleantech

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